Coda has rebranded to Mina as of October, 2020.

You can consider Mina to be ‘A wallet that fits in your pocket’.

  • The first cryptocurrency with a succinct blockchain.
  • Blockchain compressed from 100s of GBs (as seen in existing protocols) down to kBs in size.
  • Scalable, secure, and decentralized.
  • Allows for verification of the blockchain on a mobile phone.

Mina’s blockchain always remains a constant size — the size of a few tweets, no matter how many transactions are conducted on the network.

hack.summit(“blockchain”) 2018 — Izaak Meckler — co-founder and CTO, Mina Protocol

In the ‘cryptosphere’, we’re often encouraged to follow the motto “Don’t trust, verify” and despite understanding the need to be an active network user, end users in blockchains today are less likely to run full nodes due to the perpetually increasing requirements to do so.


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